Nuwave 33201 Air Fryer Review

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The NuWave Brio is one of the most versatile budget options on the market. It features a reasonably size 3.5 Qt basket which puts it in the middle of the range of basket sizes for the best air fryers in the market. Actually, in terms of value, the NuWave 33201 provides most of the features of the top end model without the top end prices.

The NuWave allows temperature controls from about 100 – 390 Fahrenheit and allows the user to adjust temperatures by as little as 5 degrees. While this is fairly standard on high-end air fryer models it is not the case with many of the models in the same price range as the NuWave 33201. Actually, it has a great digital display, and one of the smallest footprints of air fryers its size.

The NuWave is perfect for students and those in small apartments and with modest budgets. Actually, it was our favorite for the best budget air fryer! If you are looking for a good intro model or if you think you might not use the air fryer as much, this might be a great option.


  • 3.5 QT Basket capacity
  • Temperature Control: 100 – 390 Fahrenheit
  • Auto Preheat Option
  • Digital LED Display
  • Safety Feature: Does not operate without basket in place


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 11 x 8 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 8 lbs.


  • Available Accessory pack model option
  • Bright easy to use digital display
  • Lighter and smaller than most comparable options
  • Reasonable Price


  • Smaller basket may not be attractive to families
  • Accessory pack is pricey for what you get (may be better getting 3rd party option)
  • Tray does not always connect easily

Watch the NuWave Brio in Action!

Summary – 8.8/10

Overall the NuWave provides most of the features of the top end air fryer models at a budget price. For those who want something cheap and efficient you really can’t go wrong with the NuWave. Actually, it is by far the best model in its price range, coming in far less than the top end models by Power Air Fryer or Philips. Sure you might lose some capacity, quality, or features, but if you can live without those then this will be perfect.

Honestly, the majority of folks will probably be happiest with this model as it gives you 90% of what you need in a budget package. For families or high usage individuals you might be better served with the Philips Air Fryer or another model but for those in small spaces, students, individuals, or others looking for great value, this is our recommendation.

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