Hey, I’m Joe.

But you can call me Fryer Joe.

Welcome to my site here.

I LOVE fried foods, whether it’s onion rings, french fries, deep fried turkeys…you name it. I like to believe I invented some of the types of fried food and all those carnival companies just copied me. OK well, maybe that’s not true.

I love the stuff but I realized it could be a bit of a drain on my bank account always eating out.

But what was a guy to do?

First I tried to make it all at home, but dealing with deep fryers was a bit of a pain. The oil, the worry of spills and splashes, and the mess that needed to be cleaned up.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I discovered Air Fryers and my cooking was changed forever.

Air Fryers allowed me to have my fried food but without the mess, large quantities of oil, oil burns, and all the other headaches of deep frying at home. In fact, I discovered that Air frying my food was actually healthier for me. Yes, you heard me…healthier. Who the heck could have guessed that I could have deep fried food without it being as “bad” as it usually it?

But…wait, was there a catch? Did it in fact suck? Like, have you tried baking something instead of frying it and realize that really baked doesn’t have the same crunch as their fried counterparts? I don’t care how many times you bake fries they really aren’t as good as the original deep fried versions.

Well, air fryers actually came in so many different ranges, qualities, and sizes that it was confusing trying to navigate it all. The first few I tried were terrible in fact, and I always gave up on the idea. It was through some trial and error that I was able to find several that worked really well. I even became the go-to person for my friend’s and family on what to buy and what to use.

So I figured that I should expand my knowledge and help other people who may be shopping for air fryers too. So I’m glad you are here. Hopefully, I can help you with your purchasing without having to waste your time and money on buying the wrong fryer for your house. Follow along and maybe you’ll find the same love for air fryers that I did.